User Manual - Configuring Outlook Express


Mail Server List
Use this setting for both Incoming and Outgoing Mail Server.
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To configure Outlook Express to read email:

  1. Run Outlook Express.

  2. From the Tools menu select "Accounts...".

  3. In the Internet Accounts window click the Add button and choose Mail. From here Outlook Express guides you through the configuration process using the Internet Connection Wizard. This dialog has several screens, each with a Help button to provide assistance.

  4. On the Your Name screen enter your name. E.g. "john doe".

  5. On the Internet E-mail Address screen enter your email address. E.g.

  6. On the E-mail Server Names screen your "Incoming mail server" can be either POP or IMAP. POP is the most common method for accessing your email. Your server name depends on the domain you are on. E.g. if your domain is "", then your mail server will be "". Your "Outgoing mail (SMTP host) server" will be the same, i.e. "". Please refer to the mail server list for the correct mail server to use for your domain.

  7. On the Internet Mail Login screen enter your login name for your email account. I.e. if your email is "johndoe", enter this as your account name. Next enter your password and click on remember password, if not already selected, so that you don't have to enter password each time you check mail.

  8. On the Congratulations screen press Finish.

  9. You can close the Internet Accounts window to start using your email or select a mail account and click on Properties to modify your email account settings.

  10. If you wish to retain a copy of your mail on the server instead of downloading all mail from the server to your PC, you will have to set the option to leave copy of messages on server. This option is not set in the default installation. To do that, go to your mail configuration (Tools > Accounts > 'select mail account' > Properties) and click on the Advanced tab and check the box under Delivery section to "Leave a copy of messages on server".